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Re:JP and noticed oddities.

>I thought that the last scene with the T-Rex when the banner floats
>down in front of him would make a fantastic poster. Heck, I buy one. ;}

>>   Thatsa nice one, but what I think would make an excellent FULL >>WALL
poster is the scene right after Grant grabs the flare and >>yells "Hey!":
 The T. rex opening its mouth wide as its two yellow >>eyes bore right into

Nah, you don't really want any sequences where they mixed computer and
real-time stuff.  The anti-aliasing around the T rex and the wierd stuff
created for rain texture in the computer environment look VERY WIERD in still
frame.  The all-computer shot of the T rex at the end doesn't have the
anti-aliasing because it was built entirely inside the computer and so
doesn't have the drop-in image booboos.  It looks much nicer.

Betty Cunningham(Flyinggoat@aol.com)