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In JP, didn't Arnold say something like, "One faulty enzyme makes the
dinosaurs incapable of manufacturing the amino acid lysine."?

Is it just me, or did nineth grade biology teach us that no autotrophic
organism (i.e. anything that more or less pursues its nutrition actively) can
_manufacture_ any amino acids?  Plants, Algae, and Cyanobacteria have that
job; not animals.

Maybe they messed up and meant that they don't feed them Lysine, but that
would be pretty hard since almost any protein would have at least one Lysine

In any case, I think that their "Lysine Contingency" is a pretty silly idea.
 Also... how did those dinosaurs fend off deseases that they hadn't had any
experience with and hadn't coevolved with.  Sort of a bubonic plague,
Bakkerian Extinction, Andromeda Strain (Crichton should have thought of this
seeing as he wrote "Andromeda Strain") kind of thing?

Peter Buchholz