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I have read two opposing views of Diatryma and am very interested in knowing
which is most likely to be correct.  In this month's NATURAL HISTORY, there
is an interesting article (among others) concerning this flightless behemoth.
 The article states "...Diatryma was no terror crane, having possessed
neither the adaptations of a predator nor any affinity with cranes.  The jaws
of Diatryma, although massive, lacked the pronounced hook typical of raptors,
or birds of prey.  The huge beak was apparently adapted for crushing and
slicing the rank vegetation that cloaked the warm temperate and subtropical
forests..."  However, in Dr. David Norman's PREHISTORIC LIFE  Diatryma is
described as having "...a huge head, with a very deep, powerful beak capable
of crushing the bones of its prey...It seems quite likely that they would
have been able to leap at their prey, taloned feet outstretched, as the first
stage of attack, before delivering a bone-crushing bite to the victim's
     I would appreciate any opinions on this subject.  Thank you for your