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JP images?

The following was submitted by: Dawn E Stano 72/661-0950
<STANOD@utelfla.com>.  Dawn (and everyone else), if you quote an older
message, please make sure to remove the prior message's header
information.  Listproc will reject messages containing a recognized
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  Date: Thu, 01 Jun 1995 19:46:11 -0400 (EDT)
  From: Dawn E Stano 72/661-0950 <STANOD@utelfla.com>
  Subject: Re: JP and noticed oddities
  In-Reply-To: <199506012125.RAA28330@postbox.acs.ohio-state.edu>

    these can all be found by ftp-ing ftp.cyf-kr.edu.pl (cd 
    but you didn't hear this from me...
    World's Biggest JPfan Stanod@utelfla.com

Dawn was responding to Jeff Polling's message which contained
references to the JP scenes with T. rex and the banner, and Grant
waving the flare in the T. rex's face.  -- MR