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reference help

        I hope someone out there can help me answer at least a few of the 
following 5 questions.

1. I understand that there's a paper out there by A. Perle in which it is 
suggested that dromaeosaurs hopped like kangaroos.  Does anyone have a 
reference for this paper?

2. Most of you in the U.S. have probably seen this week's Newsweek.  
Among other things, there's mention of a Velociraptor skeleton
found with the tooth marks of another Velociraptor.  The Newsweek article 
implies that the maimed Velociraptor was killed, but not eaten by the 
other Velociraptor.  Does anyone have a reference for this paper?

3. Also in this week's Newsweek it is implied that Mark Norell has done
some recent work on paleoneurology.  The article emphasized sight and
vision in theropods.  I know that Emily Giffin has done some work on this
recently, but if Mark Norell has done something as well, does anyone know
where I can find it?

4. I've heard of a pterosaur that had been snacked upon by a Velociraptor
or some other dromaeosaur, does anyone have anything further?  (Like,
maybe, a reference!)

5. Lastly, in Greg Paul's 1988 paper "The small predatory dinosaurs of 
the mid-Mesozoic, etc." there is a reference to a 1976 paper by P.D. 
Gingerich, in which the "correct" articulation of a Deinonychus mandible 
is explained.  Paul cites the paper as: Gingerich, P.D., 1976 
"Phylogenetic inference and methodology as applied to the vertebrate 
record." Evolutionary Biology 9:353-63.
        Well, I went to the library yesterday to look this paper up, and I
found that there is a paper in Evol. Biol. with that same title, but it's
by Max Hecht rather than by P.D. Gingerich.  Also, the paper mentions
Archaeopteryx, but that's as close as it comes to Deinonychus.  So what I
want to know is, (I'm assuming Paul made a mistake in his citation and
mixed two of them together) what is the true reference for a paper by
Gingerich (?) which purportedly contains the "correct" articulation for
the mandible of Deinonychus? 

Any and all help is most welcome!