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Re: Virtual reality dinos (+

VR requirements can vary from a reasonable level that multimedia desktop 
Macs and PCs can easily handle to very high-end workstation type.

The recently released QuickTime VR from Apple, which can be seen in the Star 
Trek Interactive Technical Manual, shows how far we have come toward 
providing the average user with powerful VR capabilities.  I haven't seen the 
Windows version, but on an AV Mac, it's fantastic!  :)

I'd love to see someone get to work on some QTVR dinos.  Heck, I might just 
give it a try myself!  :)

Skip Dahlgren
Applications Programmer, Office of Educational Development
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
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-ex-archaeologist; lifelong afficionado of dinosaurs and their latter-day kin
"Cross-platform computing is much safer than downhill!"  :)