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Re: Question on flocks of scavengers

>From: Phillip Bigelow <n8010095@henson.cc.wwu.edu>
 > Does anyone know whether the numbers of turkey vultures and black vultures
 > that feed on carcasses are members of a social-grouping, or are they just
 > solitaries that come together?

As I understand it, the latter.

 >  How about ravens that do the same thing?
 > The pair of Cloverly Formation Deinonychids around the iquanodonid may have 
 > been feeding at the same carcass, but may not have been in a social grouping.
They may not even have been *that* together.  The sedimentary structure
is one of channel deposition.  In general this represents deposition
over a span of time.  In particular, a large object in the channel,
like a Tenontosaurus carcass, could form a log-jam that collects other
more or less heavy stuff.

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