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Re: RoamingOrGrazingPacksOrHerds

On Thu, 1 Jun 1995 STEVEN9120@aol.com wrote:

> I was asked an interesting question today, and felt that I should check with
> my colleagues, on the list. Here it is: It has been described in some books,
> as well as seen on documentaries, that some dinosaurs such as the
> ceratopians, and other herbivorous dinosaurs like brachiosaurus, traveled in
> herds Is there any known      record of T-Rex traveling in a similar fashion

..no T.rex prints, but there is tracks attributed to Acrocanthosaurus 
which may suggest a group moving together

> for food?

..no other tracks associated with them so pack activity can not be 
demonstrated, but group hunting tactics are great especially if going 
after large (sauropod) game.

> It has been said that the smaller carnivores like the raptors, did
> travel in packs     similar to the way wolves travel today.

..it hasn't been proven that "raptors" traveled in packs either, but it 
would make a lot of sense to.

> But did the Rex also travel in   the same way? The way a pride of lions 
> would?

> The second part of this question is: Who would have been the main 
> source for the kill? The male or the female? And if they did travel in herds
> or packs why  are
> there so few recorded findings of these bones?

..pack activity is best demonstrated by footprints (ex. Palauxy River) and 
sites of mass death (ex. Ghost Ranch Coelophysis, Alberta River Crossing 

> Any information on these
> questions will be greatly appreciated. ( Please excuse typos)
>                                                    Steven
---John Schneiderman (dino@revelation.unomaha.edu)