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Re: RoamingOrGrazingPacksOrHerds

 From: STEVEN9120@aol.com
 > I was asked an interesting question today, and felt that I should
 > check with my colleagues, on the list. Here it is: It has been
 > described in some books, as well as seen on documentaries, that some
 > dinosaurs such as the ceratopians, and other herbivorous dinosaurs
 > like brachiosaurus, traveled in herds Is there any known record of
 > T-Rex traveling in a similar fashion, for food?

There is no real evidence for this, as there is for ceratopsians,
hadrosaurs and sauropods.

 > It has been said that the smaller carnivores like the raptors, did
 > travel in packs similar to the way wolves travel today.

This was suggested on the basis of a single fossil site with several
"raptors" found in association with one Tenontosaurus.  However, the
taphonomy of the site indicates that the skeletons were accumulated
in a riverbed, and thus the set did not represent a life assemblage.

In short, the evidence was inconclusive.  Thua there is no evidence
that the smaller theropods travelled in herds either.

[Actually, there is some slight footprint evidence that at least one
species of large Early Cretaceous theropod travelled in groups of at
least three].

[Note, in a case like this, where we are dealing with top carnivores,
which are always relatively rare, even if they travelled in herds,
absence of evidence is NOT evidence against travelling in herds].

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