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Re: Extinction (was Jurassic Intelligence)

>From: KAREN E RICHARDSON <K.E.Richardson@greenwich.ac.uk>
 > > > > Well then, we should be sitting pretty - no animal I know if in the
 > > > > history of the Earth has had such a wide geographic distribution.
 > > > > Even most of our domestic animals fail to match our range: I think
 > > > > only the dog and *maybe* the cat are found *everywhere* humans are.
 >  Sorry for the delay in commenting I've been away and had alot of mail 
 >  to wade through.  With regards to wide geographic distributions - 
 >  what about BIRDS they are everywhere man is and more so,

Birds as a *class* are almost as widespread (I know of no birds in
outer space, so they fall a little short of humans).  Bit no *individual*
species of bird is as widespread as humans.  Since we were talking about
species extinction, it is this comparison that is more apropos.

 >  penguins in 
 >  the South Pole etc and the Arctic Tern which traverses the whole globe 
 >  annually.
 The Arctic Tern may have a "pole-to-pole" distribution, but it is *not*
global.  Its migration paths and nesting grounds are quite constrained.

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