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Re: query about K-T extinction

 From: "John W. Atwood, Computer Specialist, Bismarck, ND "<jwatwood@wrdma > 
 > On Wed, 31 May 1995 16:15:45 -0400 
 > Vicki Rosenzweig said:
 > > I was wondering what the largest land animal known to
 > > have survived the K-T extinction was. (I have a hunch,
 > > which I haven't checked, that the largest animal to
 > > survive the extinction was probably marine; does anyone
 > > know if I'm right about this.)
 > I'm not sure whether anything larger made it, but there were some
 > good sized crocodilians that made it.
Nope, the larger crocs bought it.  It was only the mid-sized ones
that survived.  Still, they might qualify as the largest survivors.

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