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Re: I think I have something ...

 From: STEVEN9120@aol.com
 > Thank you for responding to my questions, I was under the impression that any
 > impact as colossal as it was, causing the destruction that it did would have
 > some sort of radiation, attached to it. I figured it was like the Tungasta(
 > Hope the spelling is correct) blast in Russia. Which showed some radiation,
 > in the forrest area.     What do you think?
Oh, there would be *some* radiation, just not as much, or as high-
energy, as in a nuclear blast, and nowhere near as persistant as
in a fission explosion.

The Tsung*** blast not produce very much radiation - in fact I ma
not even sure if the reports of radiation in association with it
come from a reliable source, since alot of nonsense has been written
about that event.  [It is mentioned in Ghostbusters as a psychic

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