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I was asked an interesting question today, and felt that I should check with
my colleagues, on the list. Here it is: It has been described in some books,
as well as seen on documentaries, that some dinosaurs such as the
ceratopians, and other herbivorous dinosaurs like brachiosaurus, traveled in
herds Is there any known      record of T-Rex traveling in a similar fashion,
for food? It has been said that the smaller carnivores like the raptors, did
travel in packs     similar to the way wolves travel today. But did the Rex
also travel in   the same way? The way a pride of lions would? The second
part of this question is: Who would have been the main source for the kill?
The male or the female? And if they did travel in herds, or packs why  are
there so few recorded findings of these bones? Any information on these
questions will be greatly appreciated. ( Please excuse typos)