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re: JP and noticed oddities

Delete this right now if you JP is getting on your nerves. ;]

re: noticed oddities

The only thing I noticed (blaring out at me from the screen) was when
the T-Rex is chasing the jeep, the driver 'what's-his-name' looks in
the side view mirror on the drivers side and you see that little
legend on the mirror 'objects in mirror are closer than they appear'.

Well, on every car I've every seen or driven in the US, that does NOT 
show up on the drivers side view mirror, it's on the passenger side 
view mirror. Because that's the mirror that does that, not the drivers
side view mirror.

The other things Darren Naish metioned, I saw but didn't really notice
until I read his post.

And I know this has been beat to death and has absolutely nothing to
do with dinos, but please....
unix &#$*@!! It was a bloody gui software application.

one last thing:

I thought that the last scene with the T-Rex when the banner floats
down in front of him would make a fantastic poster. Heck, I buy one. ;}

- Bec
  'back to lurker status...`