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Re: query about K-T extinction

>I guess what I'm getting at is this:
>The argument I seem to always see is that the dinos dies out because
>they were the biggest animals, and I can accept that in the case of
>large sauropods and large meat-eaters like T-Rex. But weren't there
>little (like dog-sized) dinos around at the time? And if so, how can
>you explain how they didn't survive if bigger non-dino land species
>did, based on the theory above?
>Sorry to ramble. I just keep having this problem with _all_ dinos dying
>out because of this when other families limped at least partially through.
>Were there any non-dino animals where _no_ species lived trough the K/T?
>I'm thinking land animals, as I'm sure there are some of these in the ocean.
>Just wondering out loud again...

Enantiornithine birds (globally distributed), some North American marsupial
clades, and the last few (one?) species of pterosaurs died out at the K-T.

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