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1) I watched the Gallimimus stampede again last night. Even on VHS, and even at
normal speed, the tridactyl foot of the Gallimimi are evident. Shame on you!

2) Regarding the cuts, there were definitely THREE bits made and used
differently in various cuts and/or trailers;
i) In the trailer I saw before some other film on video, you see Sattler reach
out and grab the veriforman (can't spell it) leaf that, in the film, you see her
waffling about while other cast members are gauping at a singing brachiosaur.
ii) It took me a long time to figure this one out - 'raptor and jello'. In the
clip they distributed for TV use, the scene goes as follows:
Tim eating food. Lex eating food. Shadow of raptor head appears behind Tim,
shadow of tongue flicking out of mouth seen, Lex starts to tremble, her jello
wobbles (narf narf), raptor begins 'purring'

But in the film, when the shadow of the raptor appears, there's no tongue
flicking. I understand that, initially, they were going to have the raptors
going around 'tasting things' with their tongues, a la monitor lizard/snake. But
Jack Horner (sci. advisor) said "No no, this is awful! They couldn't do that!
Get rid of it!". Maybe that explains why it's different in the movie.

3) In the trailer refered to above, the "Turn the light off" bit is also
different. The T. rex brings her head down to peer into the window and her pupil
quickly shrinks to a dot (I've tried this on assorted livestock and can't get
it to work). Well, it's slightly different from how it is in the film. Mainly
in the position of her head, but also in the way the pupil shrinks.

For those other grinning trivia freaks, here are some other glaring errors;
Nedry pulls out loads and loads of cable from the winch on the jeep, but when
he starts doing it again - there's no previously pulled out cable! When T. rex
pushed her head down through the bubble atop the jeep, it breaks in half. But
when you get a 'kid's eye view' (up towards the tyrannosaur), the bubble is
unbroken. When the T. rex steps on the bottom of the upturned jeep, you see the
bits of the chassis that support the roof crumple under the weight, but when we
get a close-up of Tim, the roof-supporting bits are seen being pushed into the
mud. The toilet-roll holder in the bathroom (where Gennaro hides) changes from
a horizontal one to a vertical one. The raptor that jumps onto the side of the
alamosaur ribcage in the visitor-centre finale disappears momentarily. Lex falls
off the alamosaur neck vertebrae, but lands clutching them tightly. Lex's mouth
doesn't match her screams. You can see the netting used as 'jungle backdrop' in
the 'friendly brachiosaur' scene. Bored yet? The tyrannosaur's 1st digit is
sometimes a clawless flap (in computer-done scene where it pushes jeep over).
Aww, what a waste of time. This did come with a public health warning!

DARREN "Look how much blood" NAISH