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Re: Extinction (was Jurassic Intelligence)

On Jun 1,  8:51, vitam gustare wrote:
} Subject: Re: Extinction (was Jurassic Intelligence)
> Bill Adlam wrote:
> >>  Using Homo sapiens as an example, we are not going to be as successful as
> >> the Dinosauria, because we are only one species...
> >
> > But the Dinosauria almost certainly started out as a single species.
> The difference is that we are intelligent enough to have produced
> technology sufficient to ensure that we will not evolve much if at all.
> We keep our defective specimens alive, and often we include them in the
> breeding pool.  Certainly, this is not a bad thing from the human point
> of view, but in the long run it is probably contrasurvival for our
> species.

We're something really new and different, in many respects.  In
particular, with genetic technology just starting to become available,
we may very well continue to evolve - but by design, not selection.
It's almost certainly true that natural selection is not going to be
the prime mechanism for human evolution (it's too slow for starters),
but that doesn't mean we won't evolve.

We'll continue to keep our "defective specimens" alive, but we may
find ways of culling defective *genes* without the cruelty (on a human
level) of natural selection.

It's still entirely too early to tell how long we're going to last.

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