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JP and Dino Skin`

Hello All! -

        While we're all contemplating various aspects of the future JP
movie, here's another question about the first one:  what, really, is the
feasibility of recovering blood of a big dinosaur from a mosquito?  I mean,
doesn't the skin of animals, as they get larger, thicken?  I would assume
that a brachiosaur would have skin far too thick for any modern-style
mosquito to bite through -- I don't think the proboscis is long enough!
Smaller dinos maybe, but the big ones?  What's the evidence of Jurassic
blood-sucking insects?

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Overheard in the Denver Museum's
old Fossil Mammal Hall, from a mother
to her daugher:

"See there?  That's the camel-dinosaur, and
the horse-dinosaur, and the elephant-dinosaur..."

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