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Re: Virtual reality dinos (+

One person who could update us on the state-of-the-art in 3-D imaging is
Dr. Andrew Leitch.  Leitch is a CAT-scan specialist and dinosaur anatomist
that, as of 1988 at least, was at the Dynasaurium, a museum consulting company.
He was the one who supervised the CAT-scan of the Nanotyrannus skull about
7 years ago.  CAT-scaned data is already in 3-D format, so it would give us
a baseline as to how much memory and storage would be necessary for larger 
specimens.  In fact, CAT-scaned data may take up MORE memory, because it
also includes data on the inside of the specimen.  Standard virtual-reality
3-D imaging wouldn't necessarily have to have that added dimension, so 
total memory requirements may be less.  Too bad Andy isn't on the list...