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Re:Jurassic Park 2(leftout bits)

Ray says:
>The se4veral responses to the JP question make me wonder if >there  were
several cuts of JP of different length which included >(or left out)  some
stuff. I saw it twice3 and do not remember >certain things mentioned  in the
various piosts. I understand that >they cut it to different lengths  for
different theater chains ad >for TV. How can we get and see a full  length
version. Would not a >version with everything in it sell like  hotcakes?
Particularly if >everything meant more dinos?

   As far as I can tell (what with my contacts at LucasArts, and what with
arguing with movie fans on the net), there were MAYBE two cuts of JP.  The
primary differences were infintisimal, starting with you don't see Laura Dern
pick the leaf she talks about (the leaf-picking which occured in the Premere
Show I saw and occurs in the trailer, but not on the tape, the laser-disc,
the special-edition laser-disc, or many theatrical releases around the
country.), and the other (which I'm still trying to nail-down exactly what
happened) which MAY have to do with the timing of the jello-and-raptor
   The bits which didn't make it to the movie AT ALL, were edited out early
in production, and so the Baby Triceratops was the one that actually made it
into model production before it was pulled.  The Parasauralophus was only don
as a computer model, really, really quickly)  They did a HECK of a job
keeping things on budget and on time, and pulled things almost immediatly
once the decision was made to do so.  Not much extra was filmed.  (one reason
they managed to make the movie ON BUDGET and finish before the expected
finish date.

Betty Cunningham(Flyinggoat@aol.com)