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re:Jurassic Park 2(footprints)

Dan Lipkowitz-lipkowit@midway.uchicago.edu-said:

>One quick question -- could anyone tell whether the two-toed >hatchling
prints in the film were meant to be those of "Raptors" >or the mistakenly
two-toed Gallimimi?  

Peter Buchholz-Stang1996@aol.com-said:

>I think that they were meant to be raptors (because they had two >walking
toes).  I think that Galimimi had three toes, but I'm not >exactly sure.
 This leads us to an even more interesting questiong.  >Where did the raptor
mommy and daddy come from?  Muldoon said >that they had made eight, but Queen
Raptora had killed five. ---->Anyway, if he did find the bodies of five dead
raptors, where then >did mommy and daddy come from?

Dan Lipkowitz-lipkowit@midway.uchicago.edu-returned with:

>It still seems likely that the hatchlings were Gallimimi, as the >nest was
in proximity to the herd and numerous juveniles were >mixed in with the
adults during the stampede sequence.  The >question, then, is whether the
designers actually thought the >animals had only two toes (rather than simply
making the error of >using ostrich feet in the CGI and not noticing the slip
until it was >too late), or whether the hatchlings really were supposed to be
>"Raptors" (I'm sorry; I just can't bring myself to call them
>Velociraptors), in which case one would think Grant might have >recognized
the unique configuration and gotten out of there ASAP. >---One possibility is
that they were torn to pieces and no one >bothered to make sure that all of
the missing members of the >pack were accounted for. This seems rather silly,
though, and I'd >bet that the only "Raptors" in the sequel will be the ones
that >hatched early in the film and are presumably wandering around >the
control center somewhere, looking for "Ma" Hammond.

(me, now)
    Well, the book invents a way with the African Frog DNA to make all-female
raptors turn male when populations lead to a lapse in males (the biggest
females turn into males-I think my swordtails do this, also) BUT in the movie
somebody sort of skipped explaining this part.  Also, we KNOW that the
Raptors are killed.  The hunter-guy says so.  I believe it.  We know there
was a baby Raptor in the incubator.  Maybe they were only speaking about this
enclosure. Maybe there were more.
   In the Dinosaurs of Jurassic Park exhibit they have two sets of two-toed
footprint props, the baby-sized ones, and the
identical-except-for-size-and-much-larger set which were used outside of the
Raptor Pit (after  they escaped, the area was covered in footprints WITH TWO
   Though I feel this is one of the weakest points in the film in lacking an
explaination, it is probably how they lead to the sequel, since major
portions of the BOOK (the whole opening) deals with Compies and Raptors off
the island or trying to get off the island (this would be the second batch of
Raptors not mentioned in the movie, the first being the nasty, older batch,
and the second being the good batch)
   My personal favorite dinosaur scene from the book was the group of Compies
eating the baby.  Great summer movie stuff!  Or the clever person that finds
an animal carcass photo that just happens to get faxed to the right person.
 The normal people encounter dinosaurs in a HUMAN environment, and the
dinosaurs win.

Betty Cunningham(Flyinggoat@aol.com)