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Re: K/T survivors

>Who is to say that birds did not have hibernation adaptations back at the
>K/T boundary?  We should not presume that birds back then (K/T) have
>similar behaviours as modern birds.

I got the impression that birds were hit pretty hard by the extinction, and
that they redivirsified in the early tertiary. For example, there were
toothless birds in cretaceous, but early tertiary bird fossils are all
toothed. It would seem likely that other addaptions took place. I can't
think of any examples, but I would have assumed that some birds hibernate in
a similar way to mammels.

While on the subject of birds, can someone please give me the proper name
for chicken. The novelty of telling the people I live with "I'm making
dinosaur soup" is wearing rather thin.

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