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Re: Dixie the Dino

>So my question is this...is there any thought given to the possibility of
>live birth in dinos?

Yes - Thought has been given to it. ;-)

As far as I know, there is no fossil evidence to support such a theory, but
it certainly is possible that some dinosaurs gave live birth. However, we
know many laid eggs because we have fossilised eggs to prove it. What we
need is a dinosaur skeleton with a faeteous fossilised inside it - I'm
pretty sure none has been found (yet).

With regard to your dinosaur (are you sure it isn't the Carnegie Diplodicus,
by the way?), sauropod eggs have been found, and as far as I know they're
not much more than a foot in diameter. This is only slightly bigger than an
ostrich egg. I haven't seen one close up, so could someone please confirm that?)

Hope this helps. Please forgive my spelling too.

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