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Re: The Question Of The Day ?

>Which   is your favorite one,The one you like to talk about?

Its not a dinosaur, but my fovourite extinct creature has to be
Quetzalcoatlus. They must have been the most amazing things to watch when
they flew.

If I had to pick a dinosaur, I'd go for one of the smaller smarter ones.
Maybe Troodon.

Then again, there's nothing quite like a charging T. rex!


James Shields  -  jshields@iol.ie  -  http://www.iol.ie/~jshields
And when the ark was finished Noah said unto Elvis, "What do you reckin?"
And Elvis checked out his own cabin and shook his head saying "poky".
And so did they knock several walls through and install a jaccuzzi.
And when it was all done Noah scratched his beard and said, "We don't have
room for all the animals now."
And Elvis perused the livestock list and in his wisdom said, "Lose the
        -Robert Rankin, The Suburban Book of the Dead