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Re: Bakker?

>Neil, this is some odd mass Dr. Bob denial-thing.  Never mind that he'd done
>more to electrify the public sense of dinosaurs than any other paleo mind
>(media wise at the very least).  It seems the hip thing to pretend he didn't
>attract "out" attention.  Like Watergate with matrix.  Go figure.

No, I think it's more simple than that. 

The premise put forward was that a lot of people became interested in 
dinosaurs because of the personality cult of a charismatic human (or two).

Perhaps the same comment was laid at the feet of Cope and Marsh.

However I would say, based on my own feelings and the comments of others 
on the list, that the interest was generated because of the charismatic 
appeal of the creatures themselves.

This isn't to say that Bakker et al haven't done an enormous amount 
towards popularising dinosaurs.  It's just that, for some of us, the 
love of dinosaurs is in the blood - or rather the bones.

--- Derek

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