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Re: The Question Of The Day ?

>Well I see that various opinions of my colleagues are vast in number so today
>I pose a simple question to you all. We are all Dinosaur enthusiasts, on this
>list, some of us work in the business of paleontology, model making, teaching
>etc. Of all the Dinosaurs that roamed the planet in the millions of years of
>there existence, Which   is your favorite one,The one you like to talk about?
>and Why? I know this question does not deal directly with our extinct
>friends, but none the less I think it's a fair question.

        I really like any dinosaur that isn't well known -- what's the
point of liking _T. rex_ the best if everyone else does, too?  8-)
Seriously, I have a fondness for bizarre, somewhat enigmatic dinosaurs,
like the therizinosauroids ("segnosaurs").  I also reeeeeeeeally wanna know
what the heck _Deinocheirus_ is!!

        Aside from that, I like ankylosaurids and small ornithopods.  In
the non-dino realm, I'm developing an addiction to pterosaurs and a keen
interest in therapsids.  Never really was one for invertebrates, though...

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Overheard in the Denver Museum's
old Fossil Mammal Hall, from a mother
to her daugher:

"See there?  That's the camel-dinosaur, and
the horse-dinosaur, and the elephant-dinosaur..."

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