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Re: Diatryma Footprints and ICZN

>Does anyone know exactly where the 'Diatryma Footprints' were found?  West of
>Seattle, but how far?  It has to be at least thirty miles or so, or else they
>would be in the bottom of Puget Sound; though they were discovered by a
>fisherman :).

Peter et al -

        The purported _Diatryma_ track (just one, as far as I know) was
found in Flaming Geyser State Park.  From what I gather (there's a brief
report on the track in Lockley and Hunt's new book _Dinosaur Tracks and
other fossil footprints of the Western United States_ on p. 262-3), it's a
very unclear track, and was, for a time, considered to be a hoax.
Apparently, the track is still _in situ_, so is probably still at the park.
I wonder how kind the park personnel will be about revealing its

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