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Re: MOA jokes

>Do I dare? 
>        I was visiting friends in NZ and taking video to bring back with 
>me when Andre LaBonte, on camera, sdtated that "There are several types 
>of moas still in New Zealand, which come in various colors. We have a red 
>lawn moa out in back and I've seen several others nearby". 

Recently someone in the South Island purportedly spotted a Moa still 
alive in the wild.  He even had a photograph (It _could_ be a Moa, but
then again it could be a deer or even a tree branch, it's impossible to say -
an expert's comment on the photo).

Anyway, suffice it to say that it was a hoax, made funnier a  little 
later when the chap in question tried making an accident compensation 
claim (ACC will take too long to explain, it's kind of like welfare) for 
an accident sustained while 'Moa Hunting'.  This would have been OK but 
he had been interviewed on TV the day in question, perfectly fit and uninjured
in a different part of the country.

So he was charged with fraud on that count too.

There were however many Moa jokes told at the time and I'm sick of them.

If I hear one Moa I'll have to kick someone up the Rhea.
So don't anyone 'strich the point OK.

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