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The Question

 When I was young, my favorite was Triceratops, although I had two
 stuffed brontosaurs, one olive green and one really red, I carries with
 me when I was 1 or 2 years old and, since I was carrying them by the
 neck, they all had floppy broken necks. I still have one.

 Later it was Allosaurus, and our display specimen is still awesome and
 one the neatest I know. I then switched to Stegoceras since it was
 an object of a lot of my work. I must vote for Sinornithoides, though.
 When I saw the curled up ex terra display specimen, I just stared at
 it for 2 hours while Mike Brett-Surman and Chuck Martin photographed
 the dinos in the exhibit. It's awesome.

 Ralph Chapman, NMNH