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Dixie the Dino

        Hello! I am new at this and have been reading for awhile and desided to
enter the fray. I am a fanatic of the worst kind, ever since my mother tried
to abandon me at Dinosaur National Park at age 5 because I kept correcting
the guide.  I have a hope of returning to get a degree but until then I
surround myself with as much dino info as I can.

        My question needs an introduction. In California on the interstate 
Sacramento and San Fran. is a little town called Dixon. The owner of a
"Cheaper "  gas station had a FULL (life)  size replica of the Carnegie
Brachiosaurus made and flown in by helicopter. I went to work, no dino, 2
a.m. coming home and there's a Brachio staring at me over the oleanders!!!!
        Well no she has 'laid' an egg. Yup, right at her feet there is a 3 
So my question is this...is there any thought given to the possibility of
live birth in dinos? Some herps have live birth and she just looks so big
and the egg is so small.  I have vauge questions about growth rates,
altricial vs. precocial babies etc. Any ideas? (If this is too obviously a
ridiculous question humor me, it's a long commute each night and I was
bored). Oh darn, there is no spell check...sorry about the misspellings, I'm
a product of the Calif. school system. 
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