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Re: Diatryma footprints

Peter, I tried to e-mail you, but it got returned. So the whole list gets
to hear about the footprints.
 I screwed-up.  It was not west of Seattle, but EAST of Seattle.  Cowlitz
Formation-equivalent-age.  It could have been the Cowlitz Formation, itself.
Eocene age, as I recall.  I would ask Dr. Rensburger, if you get the chance.
The collector found the "print" along the river bank at a popular fishing
locality.  The laminations in the rock slab are not that contorted around the
print, as would be expected.  The "claw" marks could actually be places in
the bank where fisherman have dug holes where they could put the handles of
their fishing poles for support!  All -in-all, the "print" is dubious at