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Re: dino-enthusiasm

I became interested in fossils when I found a "lost" trilobite locality when
I was a teenager. (the old site was "lost" because slides and vegetation had
obscurred the outcrop).  The site was only 12 miles from my parent's house
in the boon-docks of NW Montana.  I collected a poor, but nearly complete
specimen of _Glossopleura_, and a ton of pygidiums of other trilobites.
No AMNH.  NO _Dinosaur Heresies_.  No Egg Mountain.  No Jurassic Park.
Just a kid who loved the outdoors.  Only after I found my first fossil did
the addictive literature searches and museum visits take hold, and it has
been down hill from there. Today, I am incurable.  I hear it's terminal. 

  p.s.  To the young-'uns out there:  When your mother tells you "don't walk
with your head down"....don't listen to her.  You miss more fossils that way...