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Re: JP Opinion

>> >NO, REAL dinothusiats were hooked long before they EVEN heard of Bakker.

        Well, having gone to school at the University of Colorado in
Boulder when Bakker was still touted there, and trying to get him
interested in me as a student of dinosaurian paleontology, including
numerous unreturned phone calls, two impromptu visits to his house, and
poor directions to his Como Bluff field site (which destroyed the
transmission on my car), without really so much as a serious glance out of
him, I'd say I became a paleontologist _despite_ Bakker.  I got an
unmatched education from the wonderful folks at the Denver Museum of
Natural History.

        But I, too, have been into dinos since I was 2, long before Bakker.
Long, in fact, before the term "paleontologist" had any substance to me.
I don't think I started acknowledging individuals in the paleontological
field until well into my teens!  8-)

Jerry D. Harris
Denver Museum of Natural History
2001 Colorado Blvd.
Denver, CO  80205
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Overheard in the Denver Museum's
old Fossil Mammal Hall, from a mother
to her daugher:

"See there?  That's the camel-dinosaur, and
the horse-dinosaur, and the elephant-dinosaur..."

--)::)>   '''''''''''''/O\'''''''''''`  Jpq--   =o}\   w---^/^\^o