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Last Message (for a while)

Fellow Dino-netters,

This will be my last message for a while.  My time at the USGS has come to
an end.  I will post again when I have my office computer set up a the
University of Maryland (probably in a couple of weeks).  Until then, feel
free to:

Call Tyrannosaurus a carnosaur;

Call Dimetrodon a reptile;

Call Tyrannosaurus a scavenger;

Say that the Impact Hypothesis is sealed as the only cause of the K-T


Say that all paleontologists are bearded!

I'll talk to you all later.


Thomas R. Holtz, Jr.                   Phone: 703-648-5280      
Vertebrate Paleontologist         Fax:    703-648-5420
University of Maryland
Department of Geology
College Park, MD  20742