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Lone Star Dinosaurs

The following is from the Fall/Winter 1995 Texas A & M University Press 
catalog.  Please pardon any 'finger-checks.'

Lone Star Dinosaurs
Louis Jacobs
Illustrations by Karen Carr

Some 111 million years ago a herd of twenty-ton dinosaurs sauntered 
across a wet mud flat in what is now Texas.  Their footprints 
eventually became fossilized - frozen-in-stone treasures that have 
become part of the story of Texas.

"Lone Star Dinosaurs" tells for the first time the exciting stories 
of the giant beasts that once roamed where jumbo jets now roll down 
runways at DFW airport and where hikers make camp in the Big Bend.  
World-renowned paleontologist Louis Jacobs takes readers on  a trip 
through time across Tesas, describing the state as dinosaurs saw it, 
how fossils are formae, what sounds the animals may have made, and 
how extinction might have occurred.  Based on researxh so new that 
some of the dinosaurs have not yet been named and with detailed 
paintings and drawings by Daren Carr. "Lone Star Dinosaurs" brings to 
life a world long gone.

Alamosaurus, Acrocanthosaurus, Chasmosaurus, Tyrannosaurus, 
Pleurocoelus, and Tenontosaurus represent all of the basic groups of 
dinosaurs, and each has been found in Texas.  The prime dinosaur 
grounds found within the state - the Panhandle, Central Texas, and 
Big Bend - have yielded treasures from the beginning of the Mesozoic 
Era more than 200 million years ago to the time of the big extinction 
some 66 million year ago.

Jacobs also introduces readers to some of his fellow Texas 
dino-hounds, such as the Fort Worth teenager who discovered 
Pawpawsaurus campbelli resembling an armadillo; and the even younger 
Thad Williams, who at age seven discovered a previously unknown 
species of dinosaur.

This is an exciting story, engagingly written and beautifully 
illustrated, inviting young and old alike to enter the world of the 
dinosaurs and discovery.

Louis Jacob's Dinosaur discoveries in Texas and Africa over the last 
two decades have often made headlines.  He is director of the Shuler 
Museum of Paleontology and professor of geological sciences at 
Southern Methodist University in Dallas, and a popular guest speaker. 
A member of the Board of Directors of the Dinosaur Society, Jacobs 
is also the author of "Quest for the African Dinosaurs" and 
"Cretaceous Airport."

The traveling exhibit "Lone Star Dinosaurs" will open at the Fort 
Worth Museum of Science and History on November 3, 1995, and run 
through November 26 and again from December 15, 1995, through January 
4, 1996.  Other museums will host the exhibit in 1996.

Lone Star Dinosaurs
0-89096-662-1 cloth $27.95

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