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Re: Typo (was Re: K/T Extinction & Birds)

This was directed to me, but I'll answer to the net.

>From: art@acc.com (Art Berggreen)
>>>Actually, there are NO known toothed birds in the Mesozoic.
>>Change "in" to "after".
>Are you sure about this?  In our local natural history museum is a large
>fossil bird excavated by Dr. Phil Orr in the fifties, from tertiary
>deposits (not many older around here).  I'd swear that it's a toothed
>bird, but it's been several years since I've stopped to look at it.
>Seems to me that it was in oligocene deposits.  I'll have to look
>into this more when I get a chance.

No bird of the Cenozoic has true teeth (thecodont implantation, enamel,
etc.).  However, at least one lineage of birds, and possibly more,
developed tooth-like projections on their beaks.  These pseudontorns
("false teeth birds") occur in the same marine deposits as a turtle species
which also has similar structures on its beak!

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