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Re: Cladograms

>I am having trouble at how exactly to
>represent a cladogram on this kind of medium; perhaps how they
>did it in _The Dinosauria_.  See ya.

Would the below way of doing it work?  (As an example I'm using
a simplified scheme of the main groups of vertebrates; maybe 
someone can verify that I've done it right--for simplicity's
sake, I have introduced some "pseudo-clades", in quotes.)

fig. A
                                       Diapsida (see fig. B)
                            /         \              
                  Tetrapoda(           "Andiapsida" (see fig. C)
                 /          \          
          Verte-(            Amphibia  
         / brata \                     
Chordata(         "Pisces"             

fig. B                                              Theropoda
                                       /           \
                        Endosauropsida(             Phytodinosauria
                       /               \
           Archosauria(                 Psuedosuchia
          /            \
         /              "Suchomorpha"

fig. C
                                     /         \
                          Theropsida(           Protheria
                         /           \
               Synapsida(             Therapsida
              /          \
             /            Pelycosauria

                            -- Dave