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Re: The Dinosaurs of Jurassic Park

Thanks to Kelly Milner-Halls <DinoLvr@ix.netcom.com> for letting me know that 
the exhibit is a Dinosaur Society sponsored event.  (I joined the Society too 
recently to have received anything from them which might have informed me of 
this.)  So I called them for further info.

They told me that the exhibit will be in Baton Rouge LA from July 11 through 
early September; that's not too far from Little Rock, so I'm going to plan to 
treat myself to a birthday trip to southern Louisiana!  BTW, it next goes to 
Philadelphia, through January if I remember correctly.

For anyone else who might be interested in more info about the show's stay in 
Baton Rouge, it will be at the Louisiana Science Center; they can be reached 
at 504/344-5272.

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