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Many thanks for Dinosaur questions answered

This is very belated, but I never thanked all the people who sent such
wonderful responses to our students.

Several months ago our second graders posted a range of questions which rose
from their involved and enthusiastic dinosaur study.  Although there were
eventually quite a few questions - virutually all were addressed.  It was an
incredible experience for the children who saw not just simple answers to
questions, but scientific investigation and theories in a real context.

It had a big impact on them, and for all the work that people did to respond
to as many of the questions as they could - it had a huge pay off as an
learning experience for these children.  It was a validating, and highly
valued piece of their education.

I hope that there continues to be a place for this kind of exchange,
although I understood the concern about doing kids homework for them - that
was not what was happening in this case at all.

Thank you all once again

Joan Arrowsmith
Fieldston Lower School Library