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Re: Stegosaur request

>> I think we have a better picture of "Spiky" stegosaurs such as Kentrosaurus.
>> All the reconstructions I've seen show two rows of spikes (does anyone know
>> the reason for this? Are the spines more firmly attached). This is possibly
>> the reasonigy behind reconstructions of Stegosaurus with two rows of plates.
>I really would like a reference or two for Kentrosaurus, so I can sort out in
>my mind their possible mating behaviour.  I'll report my conclusions to the
>list, of course.

As with most things, the best place to start is _The Dinosauria_,
specifically Galton's chapter on the Stegosauria.  That should give you all
the refs you'll ever want (but not, most of the Kentrosaurus literature is
in German and from the first half of the 20th Century).  An update on
stegosaurs can be found in the Japanese magazine Dino Frontline from a few
years back.  A warning: take Olshevsky's taxonomy with a grain of salt.
Tracy Ford's drawings in the article are excellent, however, and update
much of the older illos (e.g., putting the "parasacrals" of Kentrosaurus on
the shoulders, where they belong).

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