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Battat's hair; Prototheria

Additional paleontologists who belong in the right-hand column, on
the basis of photographs in _The Ultimate Dinosaur Book_:

Sergei Kurzanov, who named Avimimus (shown as cleanshaven on p. 76)

Dr. Gideon Mantell, who named Iguanodon (p. 138)

Jose Bonaparte (p. 48--apparently cleanshaven, but hard to be sure from
       the photograph)

Monotremata:  someone referred to the monotremes recently as possibly
reptiles rather than mammals.  Monotreme mommas make milk--how can they
not be mammals?  Do monotremes date back to the first Prototheria,
or were there other orders of Prototheria that came and went between
the first prototherian Elsie and the rise of the Monotremata?  And are
Eutheria thought to have developed from Prototheria directly or from
Metatheria (marsupials)?

George Pesely          peselyg@lynx.apsu.edu