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>If the hindlimb of _Avimimus_ really is that of another theropod, whether
>avialian or not, where does that leave other avimimus-like material? The
>_Kakuru_ metatarsal has been compared to that of _Avimimus_ (by Ralph Molnar I
>think), well if the whole of A's hindlimb might be from an elmisaur or an
>avialian, where does that leave _Kakuru_? Might it be (very ambiguous) evidence
>of a Cretaceous ozzie flightless bird? I have read of more avimimus-like
>material coming from both China and Canada. Was any of this more material from
>_Avimimus portentosus_, or are more species involved? Or is the stuff indet?

Kakuru is based on a single crushed tibia described by Molnar and Pledge
(1980, Alcheringa, 4:281-287) from Andamooka, South Australia. Being solid
opal, it was sold and lost to science. I believe that it has resurfaced
recently but it is still in private hands (oh the trials of opalised
fossils!). They concluded that, although the propostions of this element
were elongate and slender similar to Avimimus and Borogovia, Kakuru does
not seem to be closely related to any known forms from overseas. So, in
direct answer to your question, "Might it be (very ambiguous) evidence of a
Cretaceous ozzie flightless bird?", we would have to as a definate possible
maybe but not from a previously recognised group.

Cheers, Paul


"Nature conceals her mysteries, not by her cunning, but by her essential
                                Albert Einstein