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Re: Deinosuchus

HG>From: hgarman@eagle.wbm.ca (Henry Garman)

HG>>  Owner: Mickey Rowe <rowe@lepomis.psych.upenn.edu>
HG>>  Last Update: 2/1/94
HG>>  Description:
HG>>   This list is for people who have an interest in the scientific
HG>>   examination of evidence pertaining to dinosaurs. It also includes
HG>>   discussion of flying and swimming archosaurs and other animals of that
HG>>   period as well as earlier and later periods. Most participants are not
HG>>   paleontologists but some are extremely well-versed.  Volume ranges from
HG>>few to maybe a dozen messages a week.

Look at the growth in this list since the date above.  My weekly
download (actually 10 or 11 days worth this time) of this list had 573

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