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Re: Hair, facial, cladistics and more...

>I did the goatee and plaid flannel thing in high school (late '70s/early
>'80s).  Back then, that was weird; nowadays, it would be fashionable!!

        >Since meeting Sue, I've been clean shaven for romantic reasons.

        I didn't know T. rex had a thing about beards! ; )

           As for myself, as a female the facial hair discussion is out of
my reach from the functional stand point but as for visual preferences I
like a hairy man. As for paleontologists, I don't care how hairy or even
where hairy, as long as they keep finding out more stuff for me to learn about.

       As an wannabe paleontologist and holder of a degree in biology from
UC Davis I tend to prefer the cladistic side but need to learn more before
entering the fray whole heartedly.

        Favorite 'living fossil', definatly the Tuatara. Love that pineal
eye stuff.

        Question if you wanted to go back to school for Vertabrate
Paleontology would Beserkely,oops,Berkeley be the place to start for us
lucky Californians?  I'm almost ready to start thinking about eventually
going back.

                                                Thanks! Jennifer R. Allen.