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Re: eastern us dinos (Hadrosaurus)


        My apologies to all who do not have access to a Web.  A little
background first.

        In 1991, the Legislature of New Jersey passed, and the governor
signed into law, a bill declaring Hadrosaurus Foulkii the state's official

        In October 1994, the Haddonfield site was declared a National
Historic Landmark by the U.S. Department of the Interior's National Parks
Service.  The Borough of Haddonfield, the Philadelphia Academy of Natural
Sciences and the Department of the Interior are collectively planning a
ceremony at the site on October 26, 1995 to celebrate the new Landmark
status.  The site is Hadrosaurus Park at the end of Maple Avenue, off 
Grove Street, which is North of Kings Highway.  Again, the Web address is:


Robert Margulski of Lakewood, NJ