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Re: The Dinosaurs of Jurassic...

    Hi everyone,

    I don't have a copy of the schedule, but I can say that this is a 
really cool thing to do.

    I had volunteered at it when it came to town and it was really fun.  I 
had been asked to volunteer because I was a member of the 
Dinosaur Society and I guess they gave out names and adresses of 
members in the area.

    In any case, it's a lot of fun to work at it if it's coming to 
someplace near you and you have the time.  Some of the tasks 
aren't too, too fun (like handing out pamphlets), but others are, like 
the artifact cart (should be fossil cart).  It is a small piece of cabinetry 
with many plastic fossil replicas that people can touch and feel and 
ask questions about (i.e. you have to know what your talking about to 
some degree).  There are a couple of things that break easy like the 
tips of claws and the Deinonychus foot.  By the way, the heavy 
Maiasaura baby skull is made of plaster.  We (I) learned the hard 
way.  This is by the way where the Madona incident occurred.

    One day I was worknig there and Ariana Richards (Lex from JP) 
(Oh, I hope she's not the other "lurker," I know that Kevin Padian is 
one of them) came to give a tour and promote some crappy 
watercolors (some of them were ok).  Anyway, in the exhibit there 
are many television monitors that play parts of the movie over and 
over.  The one that was near the volunteer lounge is the one that was 
by the Brachiosaur head and it replayed the "Veggie-saurus Lex, 
Veggie-saurus" scene over and over (once every 17 seconds to be 
exact).  Needless to say, it was a tad-bit annoying.  Anyway, when 
she came she gave the tour (the volunteers made a habit of showing 
her when she was wrong; which was a lot of the time) and I was 
assigned at the time to hold the recycling box in peoples' ways so 
that they would recycle their brochures when they left, on the other 
side of a bulk-head from the _Brachiosaurus_ and the veggie-saurus 
television.  So she gave her tour in the morning with not a lot of 
people in the place and when she came to the Brachiosaur I just 
screamed out "VEGGIE-SAURUS LEX, VEGGIE-SAURUS!!!!"  To 
quote Tim, "It was great."  In case you haven't noticed, us volunteers 
were a tad-bit annoyed.  We were planning on smashing that T.V. 
when the exhibit was over, but that would not have been wise.  On 
the upside, I can recite the Mr. DNA scene from memory.

    In any case, what I'm trying to say is, if it's coming to your city 
and you have the time, volunteer there, it's really cool.

Peter Buchholz


Overheard in The Dinosaurs of Jurassic Park while it was at The 
Pacific Science Center in Seattle:

Volunteer (to a girl of about ten): "Hey, what do you think this is?"
(refering to a ten inch long, plastic replica of a T. rex tooth)

Girl: "I dunno... Maybe part of Madona's costume?"