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Re: Linnean Ornithischia

I am having trouble at how exactly to
>represent a cladogram on this kind of medium; perhaps how they did it in _The
>Dinosauria_.  See ya.

How about something like this:

| +-Therapoda
| | +-Tetanurae
| | | +-Coelurosauria
| | | | +-Maniraptora
| | | | | +-Deinonychosauria
| | | | | | +-Deinonychus
| | | | | | +-Dromaeosaurus
| |  etc
| +-Sauromorphopoda

Of course you could just indent each level of the tree, but the lines
(might) make it easier to read, or at least figure out where you are.

By the way, please don't tell me the some (or all) of the above example is
wrong, its only an example of how to format it, not the cladiogram itself.

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