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mailing list vs. UseNet

Subject: mailing list vs. UseNet

PB>To: dinosaur@lepomis.psych.upenn.edu

Phillip Bigelow <n8010095@henson.cc.wwu.edu> wrote:

PB>There are some differences in the quality of content between the UseNet meth
  >of getting your dino-fix, and the mailing list method.  For those who
  >regularly monitor UseNet, you will know what I'm talking about.  Listservers
  >are usually more content-rich, more well-mannered, have a more serious audie
  >and the posts are usually better crafted than on those on UseNet (there are
  >some exceptions to this, of course, but I'm saying "in general").

There is a Usenet equivalent to a well-managed listserv-- a moderated
newsgroup. And it's entirely possible to gate the list to a newsgroup.
That's done with GIS-L (comp.infosystems.gis) and GEOGRAPH

  > These differences are easy to explain.  It takes a conscious act to subscri
  >to a listserver.  Annonymity is not tolerated on a listserver.  Mail volume
  >can be a real pain in the *** for some.  People who are "serious" about a
  >subject are more prone to subscribe to listservers.

That may be true, but as a list administrator, I know that managing the
list (even an unmoderated one) can be a real headache.  I average about
100-150 list control messages a day-- some indicating normal
subscribe/unsubscribe execution, but many indicating that an e-mail link
is broken, an address is bad, etc. All those have to be cleaned up or
else the problems will just increase. I've actually found that it less
of a hassle to manage a moderated list than to manage an unmoderated
one; there are fewer complaints and flame wars with a moderated

 -- Ted

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