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Re: September Canadian museums/dig sites

On Jun 13,  3:17am, Jooles wrote:
> Subject: September Canadian museums/dig sites
> Dear All!
> In the middle of September, I will be visiting Quebec, Canada for a
> scientific conference, and should have a little free time. I am
> interested in dinosaurs (but merely from an amateur collector's point
> of view), and wondered if anyone could give me advice as to good
> museums/dig sites the public can visit briefly in that area to
> see the local fossils (or indeed minerals).
> Thanks!
> Julia x
>-- End of excerpt from Jooles

Good Day,

If your visiting Montreal, Quebec you're a two hour drive from Ottawa, where we
have the National Museum of Nature.  This museum has a rather nice collection
of dinosaurs including  Daspletosaurus (the type specimen I believe),
Styracosaurus, Edmontosaurus, etc..  In addition the museum has a fabulous
collection of rare minerals from all over the world. Unfortunately, the geology
of this area is mostly Precambrian shield and does not include any Mesozoic
sediments.  There are, however, some areas around Ottawa where one can find
nice Ordivician invertebrate fossils.

If your visiting Quebec City, Quebec your quite a ways up the St. Laurence from
Ottawa (6 hours drive) and I'm not familiar with any museums in that area.



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