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model of T. rex brain

Dear dino-philes,

I can't think of a better audience for this question, since we have in our
community artists, librarians, students and scientists who love dinosaurs.
 When I went to the Dino to DNA show at the Field Museum in Chicago, they had
this wonderful model of a T. rex brain in their display.  I have sent them a
message inquiring about how to get a copy and received no answer, so I am now
going to this list.

I really would like a T.rex brain model for my classroom.  Does anyone have
any information about where such a model might be purchased?  How about a
paper that would describe the shape and size of this brain..or any other dino
brain?  I bet there is some cool 3-D computer imaging on the topic.

Now if such a model does not exist, I would bet there is a market for such a

Hoping to get lots of information!! :-)

Marilyn Hanson
science teacher